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Functional Art Gallery is a contemporary design gallery based in Berlin, Germany.Established in 2018 by Benoît Wolfrom and Javier Peres, Functional Art Gallery's goal is to help with shaping the discussion between art and design and to further increase the presence of cutting-edge design within the larger art world. The gallery works with artists who are pushing the boundaries between aesthetics and purposes, form and function, perception and intent.

In addition to the exclusive and never seen works by Danish designer Anna Aagaard Jensen and Korean designer Greem Jeong, Functional Art Gallery is pleased to present two exciting works by Orta Miklos. European Buffalo, 2019 and Cypripedium Acaule, 2019 are two pieces from a series of works drawing inspiration from paying tribute to endangered species caused by the sand mining industry crisis.


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OCTOBER 21 to 24

21:  2pm — 8pm

22 / 23:  1pm — 8pm

24:  1pm — 7pm



9 Avenue Hoche,

Paris 8e. , France


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