Lin Jing, born in Guangzhou, China in 1974, Lin Jing studied oil and mural painting at Beijing’s Central Academy. Lin, who is also an independent designer of furniture, lighting, ceramics, jewelry and accessories, is well known as co-founder of the 798 Art District pioneering concept design space, “FEI Space” (2007 –2013).


Her painting practice, like her design work, aims at developing her own distinct approach. Nominally abstract, with a preference for combining colors and forms inspired by nature, Lin uses hand-applied layers of paint, to fill the canvas surface. Each canvas is covered with free flowing color, shapes, and forms, applied with varying tools and techniques, defying the rigidity of realistic painting and traditional paradigms.

林菁 Lin Jing


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Paris Pop-up @ Asia Now

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OCTOBER 21 to 24

21:  2pm — 8pm

22 / 23:  1pm — 8pm

24:  1pm — 7pm



9 Avenue Hoche,

Paris 8e. , France


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